Principal Investigators

Ed Harris:

Robert Jehle:

Richard Preziosi:

Cathy Walton:

Postgraduate Students

Rachael Antwis: PhD student investigating the ultraviolet radiation and nutritional requirements of ex situ anurans with inference from wild populations.

Chris Barratt: Developing microsatellite markers for East African caecilian amphibians of the Boulengerula genus.

Robert Coles:

Christopher Michaels: PhD student investigating the importance of different facets of husbandry on amphibians in captivity, with a view to improving the success of ex-situ breeding programs.

Former PhD students

Vicky Ogilvy: studied the effects of carotenoids on the health and reproductive success of frogs in ex situ conservation programmes.

Emma Sherratt: studied the evolution of caecilians, the least understood amphibians, to understand the various routes leading to morphological variation in this fascinating group of animals

Liliana Solano-Florez: